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Mark Brehaut Cable & Pipe Locating are the experts in finding:

  • Telstra Cables (Accredited Telstra Copper Locator)
  • Power Cables
  • Water Pipes (Privately Owned)
  • Communication Cables
  • Storm Water Pipes
  • All metallic pipes and cables
  • Underground Tanks
Don't let this happen to you!

We employ 3 different types of locating systems:

  1. Traditional electronic method
    Induces an electronic signal into metallic services so that they can be located.
  2. Ground penetrating radar
    Creates an image of underground services using radio waves.
  3. Drain camera
    A camera specifically designed to locate sewers, drains and stormwater pipes. This camera is also excellent for identifying any blockages or problems.
  4. Leak Detection
    A powerful microphone is used to detect the location of pipe leakages, which can help you prevent those expensive water rate bills.

All locations require Dial Before You Dig documents.
To obtain these documents, you will need to visit the Dial Before You Dig web site, or alternatively, Mark Brehaut Cable & Pipe Locating can acquire the required documents on your behalf for a minimal fee.

CAD drawings can be provided of underground assets, if required

Completed training with NULCA for Underground Asset Locating

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