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Underground service locating & underground boring services

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Mark Brehaut has been in the building industry (in and around Ballarat) for in excess of thirty years. He has encompassed all aspects of the building trades and been involved in the construction of many homes and extensions. He is a former member of the Master Builders Association.

He has a keen interest in the IT sector which lead him to one of his other businesses 3D Designs where he draws up from existing plans visual 3D designs for clients (Builders, new home owners) from internal and external perspectives of new homes and other buildings.

Mark has now completed further training to become accredited with Telstra and completed the National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) Underground Asset Locating Course.

He operates the cable locating business in and around the local area. Cable locating encompasses all underground cables and pipes is not limited to Telstra. Mark saw a growing need for the provision of such services and has been actively engaged in assisting contractors, builders and property owners to locate underground cables..

An underground boring machine further enhances operations by providing the necessary services to bore under roads, paths, paving and concrete resulting in less paving/ground disturbance.  Tree roots have miinmal damage

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